It is true that preparing for a competition in the figure category requires dedication wikipedia reference. And the better your goal is to place and look, the harder you will have to work on your diet, exercise, and cardio. The question of cheat meals in figure competitions is a hot topic. Figure competitors have a few questions about cheat meals: what is it, can I have it, how can I make it work, and will this affect my dieting preparation? This short article will help you to understand this controversial subject and plan your diet accordingly.

The top IFBB pros will eat a cheat-meal once a week, as it is formally planned. To be effective, cheat meals for figure competitions must be properly planned and executed. The goal of the cheat meal is to confuse your body and get it to burn extra calories. Figure prep diets require that you adhere to a weekly diet with a specific amount of calories and macros. Throwing in a cheat dinner will completely catch your body by surprise, causing your metabolism to spike for several days. The most frequent question I am asked is “Can I eat what I want?” Yes, you can eat whatever you want. As you begin your figure preparation, you will start off a bit loose. However, you will get more strict as the weeks progress. The first month, you can eat whatever dish you like for your figure competition cheat meal. This cheat meal must be limited to one day only to make it work.

As you get closer to your contest, it is important to switch your cheat meal to a refeed day. A refeed day is similar in concept to a cheat meal, except you will choose high-calorie food for the quality source. Re-feed days are the same as cheat days, except you consume more calories (primarily carbohydrates). The process of eating figure-competition cheat meals, tweaking them and turning them into refeed meals on certain days allows you to control your fat loss rate and hunger. After a couple of weeks of cheating, you won’t want to have your cheat day anymore.