One of the main jobs done in the kitchen is washing. Starting from washing cooking utensils, and cutlery, to cleaning food ingredients before starting to cook. Therefore, the sink pipe has an important role to drain the used laundry water to the disposal. When the sink pipe is leaking, it must be repaired immediately by the North Park Plumber. To be able to fix a leak, of course, you have to know the cause. The following causes the sink pipe to leak and the solution.

Pipe leakage due to lockage could be said as the most common reason the sink pipe leaks. Dirt carried by the washing water may accumulate in the pipe and become a blockage. The presence of a blockage has the potential to cause cracks, especially if the pipe receives high pressure, which leads to leakage. If the sink pipe is damaged, it should be replaced immediately or it can be patched. To prevent this, you need to make sure the drains in your home are free from clogging problems. Check and clean the pipes regularly to avoid blockages due to dirt.

The problem of sink pipe leaks can also be caused by the quality of the pipes that have declined. This means that the resistance of pipes to withstand water pressure is not too good. Currently, there are many types of pipes on the market, but no matter how good a pipe is, it will have a lifetime. Pipes that are not strong enough to withstand water pressure have the potential to crack and cause leakage. Leaks due to decreased pipe quality can be overcome by replacing the pipe.

Leaks in the dishwasher can also be caused by a loose pipe connection. If the leak is caused by this, tighten the loose part using the appropriate tool. If necessary, you can use pipe adhesive tape to make sure the connection is strong again. Pipes that leak frequently are usually S or U-shaped and have joints that can be tightened manually. Do a re-check to make sure that there are no more leaks.