Ever wondered what a cruise aboard a luxury yacht would be like? You may have even considered owning your own luxury yacht. Luxury yachts are on the rise. Read more now on yacht food mallorca

Luxury Yachts: A Brief History

Luxury yachts are usually privately owned yachts with professional crews. Luxury yachts were first built by wealthy individuals in the early 20th century for their own private use. Christina O and Savarona were early motor yachts. Early luxury sailing yachts included the Endeavor, Shamrock and Savarona. The New York Yacht Club held a luxury sailing yacht event in Newport, Rhode Island.

Luxury Yachts Today

Luxury yachts are particularly common in the Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean Sea. A new business field has emerged – yacht brokers. The majority of luxury yacht building and chartering companies are located in the United States or Western Europe.

Some luxury yachts, however, are used exclusively by their owners. Others are operated solely for business all year round as charters. Many privately owned luxury boats are also chartered by their owners when they are not using the yachts.

You could pay anything from $30,000 up to just over $1 million for a luxury yacht charter. Another 30% is often charged for fuel, food and accommodation. Don’t forget to add 20% for crew gratuity!


What do you actually get for your money in a luxury boat? Here are some of the most common features of luxury yachts.

1) Space. The smallest luxury boats are only 84 feet long, while the largest ones can reach 328 feet.

Two luxury cabins that can accommodate up to 12 guests.

A dining room with an exquisite design and a kitchen equipped with everything you could possibly need.

A dining area outside to enjoy the most vibrant of sunsets.

5) A bar that has a bartender. Some luxury yachts feature both an indoor bar and an outdoor bar.

6) A roof-top sundeck, often with a Jacuzzi.

Beauty salons and massage parlors.

8) A dance floor.

9) A cinema that has a complete library of films.

10) A play room for children.

11) Toys like a flat-screen TV, jetskis, a small motor or sailboat, and even dive equipment.

These are only a few of the amenities and luxury items you can find aboard. The larger the yacht is, the more amenities you’ll find.

A luxury yacht is a great way to do business. Luxury yachts are ideal for those who want to experience an exotic holiday. They offer everything they could possibly need on a private voyage. Luxury yachts have become more popular than ever.