As a spiritual healer, I have seen many healings and improved my health over the years I have been studying and practicing it. I was able to prove that the healing techniques work by studying them over a longer period of time. How to prepare for ayahuasca?.

How did it all start – Healing #1

I had read that spiritual healing is a way to heal and relieve pain and suffering. However, until I hurt my hand one day, I had never considered spiritual healing. I thought this was a good opportunity to give it a shot to see how it could help my hand heal. A large, deep cut in my hand required several weeks to heal. I felt that this would be an excellent test to see how fast my wound would heal with spiritual healing.

I decided to make a journal to record my spiritual healing activities and results. I would also keep track on my healing progress, or lack thereof. The journaling I did felt was necessary because it would provide me with an objective, unbiased and concrete accounting of all events, which I could refer too. This accounting could help me decide objectively whether spiritual healing brought about healing. Because we all tend to have different opinions about things, depending upon the circumstances and events, I felt it was unreliable to try to commit my results into memory.

I sat down in order to start spiritual healing work to heal the hand. I wasn’t sure I was following the instructions properly, but I tried. As I did the spiritual healing, I kept my eyes on my hand and hoped to see a miracle.

I felt no difference in my hand even after doing fifteen minutes worth of spiritual healing work. It was still there, it still hurt.

I found it helpful to do spiritual work more often than I used to, since I was trying heal a scarlet wound, rather than an actual illness. My expectation was that miraculous healing would occur each time I did the spiritual work the first day. I didn’t notice any improvement in the wound’s appearance when I went to bed that night. I also felt a lot of pain. I was doing spiritual work to heal my hands that night and fell asleep.

The wound was smaller, much to my surprise. There was less swelling, there was less redness around the wound, and the scabby was smaller. Also, the pain was gone.

As the day progressed, the spiritual work continued and I was shocked to notice that the wound was getting smaller.

After completing my second night’s experiment, I fell asleep and did spiritual work for complete healing of my hand. When my eyes opened, the wound was barely visible. I looked at my hand in amazement, wondering how it was possible for such a large wound that healed so quickly and left no visible scar. I wrote all this information into my journal. It was clear that the spiritual healing method I used actually healed my hand. In fact, I experienced complete healing in record time for the wound I was trying.