To convince their customers to stop by, buy here pay here interest rates dealers spend much money and time on advertisement. However, all the efforts could be lost if salespeople are not properly trained and drive customers away because of their lack of experience in handling interested clients. They are put off because they think the representative is lying. Watch out for these signs.


The representatives are instructed not to lie. It is sometimes hard to believe, because these people are misleading as well. As an example, take a vehicle in a cool color red with scratches all over the paint. The salesperson may tell you, “This stylish car makes you look cool in front of friends!” A salesperson who wants you to look elsewhere might instead say “This car will embarrass your friends!” Salespersons did not tell you lies in both situations! To sell their idea, the salesperson used emotional propaganda. In the first quotation, they focus on the coolness of the color while in the second one it’s about the embarrassing scratch. To make an informed decision, it is best to stay focused on the truth and avoid getting emotionally involved.


Some employees aren’t well-trained. They are also the ones who lie and ruin the reputation of others. This happens especially when the representative knows a truth that does not appeal to them and says that they don’t know. The vehicle may have been involved in a terrible accident. If you asked them about the previous accidents, they may have replied, “We cannot be sure because we don’t carry any history on the cars.” It’s not a blatant lie in the mind of the representative, because they may really not know the car’s past, but should tell the truth to customers.

The customers should try to be lie detectors by catching the sales representatives when they are lying. When someone lies, the mouth, specifically the tongue, dries up. In order to counter this abrupt decrease in mouth moisture, an equal and opposite increase is experienced elsewhere. If you have excess moisture in your nose or neck tip, it will itch. You may also notice that the blinking speed increases. By knowing the signs, people can tell when a representative is bluffing and not being truthful.