It is never too late to get an eyelid lift eyelid surgery portland. If your eyelids need rejuvenation or you have a lot of loose skin on them, an eyelidlift may be right for you. Even though bags under your eyes can appear at any age, they are a sign that an eyelid lift is needed. The loose skin is one of the most common reasons to consider an eyelidlift. Ageing and sun damage can cause this. You can have loose skin on the upper eyelids or lower. In some ethnic groups (especially Asians), there may be a small amount of extra skin on the upper eyelids. To tighten the loose eyelid skin, a surgical cut can be made either in the upper-eyelid fold, under the eyelash lines of the lower-eyelid, or in both places.

The bags below the lower eyelid are more common with younger patients who seek an eyelidlift. Bags beneath the eyelids occur when the lower eyelid pockets of fat are not tightened enough, either by skin or muscle. The very small fat deposits, the loose skin and muscles of the lower eyelids or a mixture of these factors can make you look tired. The bags and dark under-eye circles can result.

Even skin care and laser treatments may not eliminate dark circles or bags on the eyelids. If your lower eyelids are significantly tighter but you still have bags and dark circles, this is because the treatments don’t work on tightening muscles or removing the small amounts if fat. If you want to treat those areas, surgery may be necessary.