Kishore M conducted extensive research to discover the percent of world’s most wealthy people. He followed their example and invested his time, money, and effort to learn everything about Stocks, Property, and the Net. Through this, he has amassed a vast amount of experience and knowledge that he is now sharing in his courses. He devised a Forex FXCM Markets Trading system that was a result of all his hard work and has achieved the financial freedom he now enjoys. He has the best money, and it works for him. His success has enabled him to fulfill many of his dreams.

In those days, he worked as a manager for B2B and C2C in California. In those days, it was difficult for him to purchase 2 bedroom units in the US. The bank refused to lend him money. The bank refused to lend him a loan. Financial freedom was possible only if he learned how to earn his own money without relying on his education.

His mission was to pass on his knowledge and show others how to succeed as he had. He started his career as an Equity executive and Equity manager in Securities Broking Firm. He also manages the portfolio for high-net worth individuals. He started several start-up programs in Asia, and the United States.

He was awarded the Singapore Government Investment incentive standing for his entrepreneurial abilities. He is a member of Silicon Valley Indian Professionals. He has presented derivatives seminars and stocks to international brokers like REF-CO based out of Singapore, and CIMB based Malaysia. Retire Rich Trading was his book. He was also a popular spokesperson and traveled extensively. His articles were published many times in the Singapore Stock Exchange magazine.